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How to play Penny Up?

1. Gather some friends together, and yes, this is intended to be a friendly game, hence the betting limit is small enough not to break anyone's bank.
2. Set up a table with enough chairs around it to seat the players comfortably.
3. Get out the playing cards, remove the Jokers if you are not playing them as wild cards, cut and shuffle the cards, and chose a dealer.
4. Ante Up! This is where each player puts their "Ante" in the middle of the table, known figuritively as "The Pot".
5. Play out the hands you are dealt, whether 5 or 7 card stud, draw, or other standard poker hands, betting in penny increments as the hands are dealt, raising and calling other betters as you go.
6. Deal and bet hands until someone has won all the pennies in everyone else's stash or you are all just plain too tired to continue.

* Put aside pennies in a jar or other place instead of spending them so that you will have a cache accumulated for the next game day.
* Set up the snacks and drinks like you would for any friendly get-together.
* Penny Ante Poker is a friendly game! Do not gamble with even pennies if you cannot afford to lose them or if you have trouble with your temper.
* Remember, even pennies add up, so consider your losses, and when the small change is gone, call it a night, or watch a ball game.
* Set upper limits for each hand, to help keep the betting from getting out of hand.
* Alternate dealers and games to keep it interesting.
* Substitute any kind of token you like for pennies, as long is it is common, cheap, and easy to count. People play with match sticks, pebbles, even macaroni.